Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 1 Review

I don't like not knowing how many calories are in certain foods I'm eating. Gosh, and it's only day 1. Maybe it's a good sign.

Some small victories today. Gavin wanted a sundae from Mcdonalds and I immediately said "yes, let's go". I totally planned to have one too. While driving I recited my memory verse over and over and sure enough, I did not have any temptation to have one. I did get one of their new fruit smoothies and I know there's a ton of sugar in those too, but the calories seemed ok. Not something I would have all the time. Just happy I got through it without getting what I would normally get in that darn drive thru.

The only time I felt the urge to eat was when Greg and I got "into it" a bit via email. It didn't last long. And all is well.

My mom gave me her Avenue card tonight and wanted me to get something new to where to a party we are going to this weekend. I had a great time in there all by myself and I wasn't bummed out at all. My size today is a 26. But today is the first day of my new lifestyle. This will take time. I'm in no hurry.

I took the time in the grocery store tonight and read labels.

Small victories.

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  1. It is a good first day. And you asked how do you know you are 'worth it'.
    Well, God says he wrote you in the palm of his hand, that every hair on your head is numbered.
    Sounds pretty important to me. If the creator of the universe has YOUR NAME written on his hand,if he planned you from the foundations of the universe, he must think you are worth it. And if God thinks you are worth it, you can be sure you are.
    The calorie counting thing gets easier.
    You will find that there are certian things you like to eat. measure the portions and know the calorie counts of six of your favorite meals, and you will make the rest much easier.
    Like I don't have to count breakfast anymore. I eat fage with peaches and honey (330 cal.) or three eggs and a piece of toast (310) If i have an apple it's about 80 calories.
    I bought a digital scale to measure meat and pasta measure pasta dry. I got mine at walmart for 23 dollars. I bought one for my friend for her birthday cause it's such a good and handy tool.
    Good luck!