Friday, July 30, 2010


Lately I've been thinking about cutting out the sugar & flour. It seems that most blogs I read or people I talk to, they cut out the white food, especially refined sugar and flour. I know all too well about that because I've spent years in OA. OA is overeaters anonymous. No, it's not a bunch of fat people there's also bulimics and anorexics too. Anyone dealing with food issues. And I always feel like I have to justify the whole "overeaters" thing with "hey, there's also these folks too".

My SIL has been reminding me how successful I have been in the past on this program and I too cannot deny it. I've recently looked up the website and searched for local meetings. I've even been thinking about a good friend that lives right down the street from me that I haven't seen in years that was very active in OA.

Guess who I ran into today?

Yes. That friend. Her name is Betsy and I "coincidentally" ran into her today. Is God's timing so perfect or what? Yes!

I'm meeting her on Monday at 7pm.

God is Good...all the time!

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