Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Gavin

Today I won a contest. The question was, "what is something that you wish you were told before you were a mom". My answer was, "I wish someone told me that there would be some days that you wish you weren't a mom". Well, they asked us to be completely honest. And I answered the question honestly. And it got the family 4 tickets to MOSI Imax. I'm sure some mom's would shreik with utter shock & awe at an answer like that. To me, it was the truth for many many years. Today I have to say, that I am so excited and happy to be a mom. I know God had a plan all along like he always does and I had to go through the valley of some very dark and lonely mommy days. Now today I am the happiest Mommy in the world to my 3 kids. And we will never forget our Sammy who is our Angel baby in Heaven.

Today, the 30th, is Gavin's 6th birthday! Happy Birthday baby boy. I am so proud to be your mommy. I cannot wait to see what the day will bring to you and to us as a family. Daddy has surprised us all with taking the day off and we plan to have a blast!

Thank you Lord for my family and for today. Today, I am so happy to be a Mommy.

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