Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday I decided that I wanted to make some cookies. Nothing from scratch, oh no, just pop em in the oven, then my mouth! While I was doing this the thought process in my head was, "wow, wouldn't it be nice for the kids to come home from school everyday with the smell of cookies in the house and a nice plate for them." Um, hello??? Who am I kidding? My motive the entire time was about me and me wanting the cookies. But seriously, wasn't it like that back in the day? I picture Leave it to Beaver and the mama dressed in a beautiful summer dress, her hair all perfect, makeup done, apron on, and when the family comes home she twirls around in bliss, dancing around the room. Yay, no, not here. I'm lucky if I actually get out of my p.j.'s for the day. But I love every minute of it. I truly am enjoying every second I am home with Jackson, and I am blessed to be able to pick up Bella & Gavin up from school. Thank you God! Now, back to baking some cookies!

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