Monday, December 28, 2009

Bella Grace is sick!

Bella and I just got back from After Hours Pediatrics and our little girl DOES have an ear infection. Not that I didn't believe her the past three days BUT, I am an experienced Mommy of 3 kiddies, and I know when it is necessary to run to urgent care. Ok, really, I totally thought because she didn't have a fever, that she didn't have an infection and that truly, Bella was being dramatic. Not that I would know anything about drama!

So, she is now on antibiotics and ear drops for the PAIN. Yes, she has been in pain for three days now and I've blown it off like lint from a white napkin. Why do restaurants give us those by the way?

I'm trying not to feel mommyguilt. That really should be a word because we mommy's feel the guilt way too often. Whats up with that?

Off to kiss my little girl and tell her I love her!

1 comment:

  1. What you need to feel guilty about is inviting us over to your home while your walking petri dish picks up my little girl and breathes infectious germs all over her. Thanks. When the drama here turns into sickness row, you are coming over here to relieve me from nurse duty.