Tuesday, August 3, 2010


There are two rooms to enter. The first room is the Room of Great Intentions. In this room there is a major problem. There is nothing more you can do to be great. There is nothing that can "right" your behavior, this room only reduces Godliness and this room is all but biblical.

The other room is the room of Grace. And when you enter this room there is a banner high on the wall. The banner says, "Standing with God with my sin in front of us - working on it together".

This is the room I want to be in.

This is my take on a video we watched tonight at Revolution. It was called TrueFaced and John Lynch was the speaker. It was awesome. He spoke of the many faces that we wear. He spoke about how there is nothing we can do to "earn" righteousness.

"We are the caterpillar with the DNA of a butterfly" How cool is that?

"There is nothing we can do on this earth to make us more Godly than we already are."

Trusting God is what pleases God. I have to trust God even when I don't feel like it. I have to trust God when I don't feel him near me. I have to trust God because THAT is what is pleasing to him.

I spoke in our small group about what struck me the most in the video. When John spoke about standing with God and our sin is in front of us - working on it together. I said that lately I've thought about this a lot. That my sin is very clear and evident to people. My sin is on the outside of my body. I wear it. It follows me. But what hit me tonight is that I am not doing this alone. WE are working on it together. I cannot do this without HIM.

John Lynch is a former atheist. He was saved around 30 I think. I am always intrigued by how an atheist comes to Christ. There is nothing more beautiful then to witness someone "get it". When the scales fall from their eyes and it all becomes clear.

Trusting God!

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