Monday, August 2, 2010

MYM Challenge

I kind of missed the first day of the MYM challenge. But I have my alarm set for 7am for tomorrow. I need to get that as early as 5:30am by the time school starts in a few weeks, but it's already 11:30pm and I forgot that I needed to get up that early, so we'll start at 7am and plan to just get out of bed before everyone else.

I came across a few new blogs recently and Kat at Inspired to Action has written an incredible e-book at maximizing your mornings. Then I noticed that Michelle at So, I married a Mennonite decided to start the challenge and now several of us blogging moms are taking on the challenge. Uh oh, I need some serious motivation, especially after the day I've had. Just plan ol' crappy. Ugh.

I'm off. Baby is suddenly crying and he never wakes up like this, so go figure!!

Check it out
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