Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sugar is evil

Ever since I walked out of the OA meeting yesterday morning all I have done is consume Sugar! Sugar literally acts like drugs did in my body. Sugar transforms my mind and moods like cocaine and ecstasy used to do. Yet, I would never pick up those drugs ever again and I will still pick up sugar day after day. Why can't I see refined sugar and treat it the same way as I would a little pill? The sugar I ate today has knocked the life out of me that I could not get one single thing done this afternoon. My energy is gone, my mind is mush and I feel completely insane. Gosh, when will I get that? Insanity = doing the same things and expecting a different result. My goodness! DUH. Nothing changes, if nothing changes!!


More prayer.

And listen. Be still and listen.


  1. Are you trying to give up refined sugar or all sugar (including natural sugars in fruit)? My diet allows 50g of sugar per day. At first I thought that was plenty but once I use lite choc soy milk & a half banana from my protein smoothie, I'm almost at my allotment. I LOVE fruit so it's been so tough to watch my intake. But sugar is definitely crack-like! :)

  2. I agree 100%. I dropped 10 pounds when I cut out sugar. And when I say sugar I just mean cookies, cake, etc... I tried to limit my breads, crackers and cereal but I didn't cut those completely. Just sweets. It is evil. It zaps your energy, your moods, immune system and it's so addictive that it feels like a powerful drug. Turn to fruit, milk etc...when you are craving sweets. In time the cravings will go away.