Monday, January 31, 2011


I sit here in awe of my happy family.

Jackson is a hoot. He is constantly putting on a show for us and showing his "cool tricks". Right now as I type he is trying to stand on his head. He is upside down and holding out his arms calling "Gavy Gavy". He also tries to sit inside his play shopping cart. It's hilarious.

I'm in awe of the innocence. The purity. The shear and utter raw love that my children have for me. They have no idea how pretty screwed up I am. Well, maybe Bella and Gavin do, but Jackson, NO way, I'm still perfect in his eyes.

I wonder if this is how my Heavenly Father looks at me? Am I perfect in his eyes? He loves me unconditional regardless of what I do or think. Sometimes I don't think very clean thoughts. My thoughts and actions can be pretty filthy at times. Down right dirty. He loves me anyways.

Father, please forgive me.

I'm praying for the "want to". The "want to" be healthy. Be healthy in my mind, body and spirit.

That would be nice.

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  1. Could you be any more transparent? I love your posts. And you. :)