Sunday, December 5, 2010

Skeptic, Intellectual, Curious

I'm going to leave this information here on my blog because I want to have it organized and for it not to get lost. But maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there in Blogworld that isn't a believer. Maybe they have wondered what their purpose is here on earth, or maybe have thought, "hmm...possibly". Could there be someone that drops by me little blog and sees something written for skeptics or the very smart that are too intellectual to even consider the possibility that HE is real and lives today. Maybe, just maybe?

I learned about a man last night by the name of Josh Mcdowell. He actually has an incredible story. A very sad childhood. And later grown to be an agnostic believing that any God had turned his back on him and there would be no way that Jesus existed. In college he thought there was no way that man arose from the dead three days later. His intellectual mind could not get around that idea. So Josh was challenged to research intellectually and Josh discovered in his research the unmistakable evidence that Jesus is Lord!

On his website under Evidence for the Resurrection there are many resources. All the way towards the bottom under FREE ebooks there is one titled "Skeptics who Demanded a Verdict". This 100 page ebook includes the stories of C.S. Lewis, Josh himself and Charles Colson who served as special counsel for Richard Nixon during Watergate. Colson was charged and indited for something unrelated to Watergate.

So, I cannot wait to dive into this ebook that I'll probably finish tonight.

I find these stories fascinating. Primarily because there are so many days that I, myself, cannot get my head around some of the biblical facts. Some of it just makes no sense at all. Yet, I know it to be true. I live by Faith today and I know that God will give me all the understanding I need in HIS time!

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