Thursday, December 16, 2010


I wanted to copy and paste what my husband recently posted on his facebook page. He asked everyone to comment about what "forgiveness" means to them. To define it. What does it look like, etc... He received so many comments, publicly and privately. It's been awesome to read. His response today really touched me because I have my own challenges with Forgiveness. I used to say early on when I was saved that "I didn't do anything wrong, why does Jesus forgive me". I would say things like, "I didn't murder or abuse or steal". Then I was reminded of a choice I made when I was 16 years old. It's not something I would ever mention or think about. It was an act that I have stuffed so far deep inside that I wouldn't ever speak the word. I don't remember feeling shame or guilt or anything about it though. I felt nothing. I justified by saying it was the best decision for me in my life. To Jesus it was murder.

So today I'm remembering the forgiveness that I have been given and I receive and am so eternally grateful for.

from Greg...."I would like to put out a challenge so to encouragement...if you will. Read through all of these responses and feel the love in there. Forgiveness is a NEED we all have and a want that goes more often than not... unsatisfied.

If there are people or situations in your life that need some Forgiveness, This year for Christmas GIVE that gift of Forgiveness. Release yourself and others from the burdens that hold us back and keep us from being free in our own skin. . I love the way Jenny Farmer put it "Thank you FOR GIVING" me that experience". What is our experience? We either grow or we stay stuck, it IS our own to have, to hold, or to let go of. Experiencing first hand the true power in forgiving and being forgiven is not even life changing, it is Life Altering. I pray that we all learned from this. I had no idea what to expect when I put it out there but it is undeniably so real and so vital in peoples hearts and lives, Let's step out and at least start the process of forgiveness this holiday season. If you think it can't be fixed or resolved....try really just laying down the hammer and nails and just FORGIVE. Even if the person we most need to forgive is ourselves. We are not made to live a prisoner to pain. FORGIVENESS. Try it. Give it. Receive it. Hearts will melt, relationships will be restored and people will be set free either us as the giver of forgiveness or the receiver of someone else's in return.

It isnt even that life is too short to hold grudges....Life cannot be lived to its fullest without freeing what is holding us captive. Please this year, we are all broke(n)...financially and spiritually bankrupt in many cases....we could change the world if everyone would give forgiveness and be forgiven. What a better time of year to do this? What a way to end a decade and begin a new one. Free. Truly free...

Thank you for answering, Thank you for sharing, Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for the love but Most importantly Thank You Lord for Forgiving me and setting me free and then sending me back out to help others who need to know the Freedom of Forgiveness. I am humbled beyond expression.

Merry CHRISTMAS everybody! For-Give the best gift this year!!! It really is the only gift that will keep on Giving........."

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