Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 5 - Juice Fast Update

Today we have felt pretty incredible.  It is so surprising to me how simple this has actually been.  It hasn't necessarily been "easy", but it's been simple.  I know in my own power I could not do this.  It has truly been the strength from The Lord and prayers that have made this even possible.  I don't eat this stuff whole...EVER.  Well, bananas, I like bananas.  Haha!

That has been one of the most challenging aspects of the fast - is that I don't eat this stuff normally.  The other has been the emotional tie I have had to the food and I find myself battling feelings of sadness, as if I am breaking up with someone.  The relationship I have had with food most of my life has been completely toxic.  I have run to food for my source of peace and comfort.  I have run to food for my escape.  The food has been my drug for so long.  Greg has reminded me many times that it's not "the food".  Food is just the symptom. So I dig a little deeper and some more work has to be done.  I am starting to run to God first.  That is really what this fast is all about.  It's about running to God and craving HIM more, not the food.  These past 5 days food has only been our fuel.  That is all.  Food has lost it's power on me.  HE is strong in my weakness and I am made whole.  It's been an incredible 5 days.

Many have asked about our fast.  And we love all the pictures of others juicing now.  I get random texts throughout the day and ones pop up on facebook.  Love it.  I would like to think that we have helped encourage you and in turn you are continuing to encourage us.  Thank you!

I truly believe the first step if you are considering a juice fast, is to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change.  These two movies are lifelines and should be played out on network t.v.  For now you can watch them on Netflix or Youtube.

A website that I refer to often is All About Juicing.  This is another place to start.

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