Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 2 - Energy

Day 2......zzzz  Oh wait, ok, I'm up again.  Seriously don't know how I'm going to get through this post without falling asleep.  We have zero energy.  It's not like a dirty low energy like you get at 3pm everyday kind of crash, it's a slow moving, don't want to talk or do anything kind of thing.

Yesterday we juiced 4 carrots, 2 fuji apples and a handful of parsley.  YUMMY!!!  Bella and Jackson loved it too and they were excited to have another this morning.  Today we did the carrots, but I added 2 oranges instead of the apples.  The kids didn't like it as much.  I love that they are so excited about it and want to participate.  This truly is going to change our family.  Now, just need to get Gavin trying it.

Here's some honesty, Gavin and I have the same horrible eating habits.  I don't eat salad or any cold salad type food.  The only fruit I like are bananas.  Nope, don't like strawberries, nope, not pears....only bananas.  Now, I will have all those fruits blended in a smoothie.  Love them all blended.  And I like most veggies cooked - very cooked.  So juicing...juicing seems like the perfect fit for someone like me right?  Actually it is.  It has been difficult to take the first sips but then I suck them down and overall there is a somewhat nice flavor.  Greg however, likes the taste of carrots and apples so he savors and drinks his slow.  

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