Friday, January 27, 2012

New Beginnings

It's a new year and with a new year comes new surprises and meanings and memories and adventures and I could go on and on. This year will bring a lot of change to our family. This is the year we hope and pray to make a move out of Florida. Although our immediate families are both here, Greg is feeling very much lead to move us to Virginia. God has given Greg another family full of mamas, papas, sisters, brothers, aunts and more. That is how good God is. We also would love to live where we can enjoy seasons and mountains and maybe even some snow. The kids are very excited about it. I have days where I am full of so much anticipation and excitement then there are days that I am full of questions and nerves.

"Will our kids fit in at a new school"

"What if they cannot go to a Christian school"

"What if we can't find a good Church home"

"What if I miss my mom so much and I am consumed with so much guilt for leaving her and taken her three grandchildren with me".

Well, Truth tells me that "what ifs" will kill me and I cannot live in that. I also know to run to God when I am full of questions and nervousness about moving. And the last question is full of so much that I will probably have to spend a lot of time with the Lord journaling and praying for guidance. Today I will not walk in the guilt and shame because I know that I am free and whoever the Son sets FREE is FREE indeed!

Thank you Lord for today and all our Blessings. Each and every one of them are directly from you.

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